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Latest Poll Results

Irish Daily Mail / Ireland Thinks poll - October 4th, 2016
Ireland Thinks interviewed a random sample of 1,418 adults aged 18+ by telephone  between the 26th and  30th September 2016. A random digit dial (RDD) method was used to sample telephone numbers this was to ensure random selection in terms of the sample.  A number of measures were applied to ensure it was representative. In light of the recent increase in mobile phone usage, 80% of the sample were interviewed on their a mobile phone with the remainder drawn from landlines. The geographically sensitive nature of Irish politics necessitates  weighting at a level more local than region. As such, the data was weighted in terms of the county that the respondent lives in in addition to Age, Gender, and Social Demographic Group. The data was weighted to fit the profile of likely voters as drawn from voter propensity data from actual electoral data. This innovation accounts for consistent differences between polls and outcomes in the UK, Ireland and across Europe where turnout among demographic groups that tend not to turn out is overestimated. Telephone calls were short and respondents were called more than once to ensure that the non-response rate was significantly lower and therefore more representative of the demographics they attempted to estimate. 
The sample size equates to a margin of error of 2.7%.
Taxes and the unemployed.
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