Our objective is to provide accurate research and analysis to understand more about Irish people and to inform.
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Born out of a crisis in political polling our focus is to maximise accuracy. In the context of dwindling response rates other firms have focused on reducing their costs at the expense of accuracy. Our experience as statisticians working in political parties has shown that this leads to lower levels of accuracy. We focus on sampling accurately and maximising our response rates to ensure that bias is minimised.

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We conduct decision-focused and exploratory data analysis on big data and small data. This includes cluster analysis, regression analysis, multilevel modelling with post-stratification, bayesian analysis and factor analysis for market segmentation, and targeting. Our work includes ticket price modelling and horse race predictions. In our experience understanding the data is a key part of arriving at true and accurate results.


Any marketing or messaging strategy is only as effective as its ability to target the population that are most likely to be influenced by that message. Drawing on our extensive data, in understanding the irish public and deploying statistical models we can determine the probability that a target market is 'on the cusp' of supporting your cause or purchasing your product. We can also conduct research into the personality types that can inform effective messaging.

Dr Kevin Cunningham, Managing Director

Kevin Cunningham is a lecturer in Statistics. He worked for over four years at the British Labour Party as the party's targeting and analysis manager, commissioning and directly using polls before returning to Ireland. Kevin studied Applied Statistics at Oxford University and completed a PhD in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin under Professor Michael Marsh. He has consulted for the Irish Labour Party, the SDLP in Northern Ireland, the Australian Labour Party and the French presidential election.