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We're interested in understanding what people really think.



We conduct public opinion polls on a nationally representative sample using statistical innovations such as propensity score matching and strict rules to minimise non-response bias. This means that the demographic crosstabs are far more reliable from our data. The cost is €800 for the first question and €450 for each subsequent question


We can also show the panel a short video or specific material and get them to respond to that material. We regularly conduct experiments on behalf of academics at Trinity College Dublin and UCD. 
The cost for a videopoll question is €1,200.

Rapid Polls

We work with many in public affairs, and appreciate the time constraints and pressure. A quick turnaround time is very useful, particularly in the event of an ongoing controversy, crisis or active campaign. Our rapid poll can be turned around within 24 hours on request with a cost of €2000 for the first question and €800 for each additional question.



Focus Interviews

We also conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups with panellists as we can target a specific subset of the population to understand views in greater detail taking advantage online technology to mitigate against the limitations of focus groups. The cost for a set of 10 interviews is €4,000.

Tribe Segments

This very popular offering to clients involves segmenting the population using in a mathematically optimal manner using a technique known as cluster analysis. 


One needs 10 polling questions and we can then conduct a k-means cluster analysis with varimax rotation to identify the homogenous groups for a further €2,200.



We can deploy our skills in predictive modelling to any dataset you may have.


In the past this has included targeting and analysis of datasets from predicting optimal ticket prices, predicting elections, demographic targeting, predicting horse races, covid-19 trajectories and predicting crime.

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We work with Academics, NGOs, State-bodies and corporates.

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